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Audio Brand, Why You Need It & Who Has It, Ben Williams Founder of Brand Out Loud

About Our Guest:

Ben Williams of Brand Out Loud Design- the very expert who helped produce the PivotMe podcast! Ben started as a songwriter, music producer, and performing artist who also worked in the brand events business, helping Xbox, Red Bull, Paul McCartney, and Will Smith create amazing on-street performances.


Connect with Ben

Today Ben is the Founder and Creative Director of Brand Out Loud Design (or BOLD for short), an audio branding agency that brings together SONIC DESIGN and BRAND STRATEGY.

Ben explains the meaning of an audio brand as the voice of a brand that connects with your audience emotionally and why it’s as impactful as a visual brand. In this episode, we discuss the importance of taking the first step and pivoting without fear of mistakes and failures.

Listen in to learn how to profoundly impact the people you want to work with by speaking to them directly. You will also learn the best way to improve your visual and audio branding to stand out from the crowd and double up your impact.

Pivotal Questions Asked:

  • [4:15] Can you explain to us what audio branding is?
  • [18:45] What got you into this specifically? Is it because you saw that people weren’t doing it well out there?
  • [35:30] What are businesses doing wrong in this space?
  • [39:11] Are there other ways to boost your brand around audio branding?
  • [44:21] What was it like pivoting into this work? Did you have some challenges in pivoting and structure when you already had another business?
  • [1:00:02] What would you say to a business owner, a podcaster, or someone pushing it in the digital space on the fence about audio branding?
  • [1:02:52] If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • [4:19] Ben explains the meaning of audio branding and why it’s as impactful as visual branding.
  • [7:13] How to build a united audio brand that enhances customer touch points.
  • [13:47] How Mastercard has consistently implemented its audio branding in the best way possible.
  • [15:40] How audio branding increases brand recall and recognition and consequently return on investment.
  • [18:53] How he transitioned from songwriting to brand strategy and later audio branding.
  • [31:43] How to build a foundation of substance by identifying your core beliefs and finding an authentic why.
  • [35:38] The major things to consider when improving and establishing a unique audio brand.
  • [39:21] The mistakes to avoid to build the best audio brand for your brand and audience.
  • [54:10] He shares some of the mantras he uses to build his mindset and grow his business.
  • [1:00:10] Why you need to have an audio and visual brand to double your impact.


    • “You can hire the best visual designers, audio designers, marketers, or social media managers, but if you don’t know who you are and don’t have that nailed down,  audio branding won’t work.”- Ben [31:45]
    • “Everything you do, every step you take, every misstep you take is the path of success.”- Ben [55:40]
    • “If you want to stand out from the crowd to be seen and heard, then brand out loud because you’re doubling up your impact.”- Ben [1:01:56]


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