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In a truly inspirational episode of PivotMe, April sits down with world-renowned coach and former professional triathlete, Siri Lindley. Siri shares her incredible journey from facing personal rejections to battling cancer, all while maintaining an unwavering belief in the power of a positive mindset. Together, they delve into the essence of living with purpose, the effectiveness of surrounding yourself with people who believe in you, and the importance of adopting a mindset focused on love, gratitude, and passion. Siri’s wisdom is not just for elite athletes; it’s a guide for anyone pursuing big dreams and making the most out of life.

Key Points:

1. Power of Positive Thinking:

Siri’s insistence on team members believing in her survival sets a precedent for overcoming obstacles.

She shares the pivotal moment of removing a psychologist from her team to maintain a positive environment.

2. Living with Purpose:

Siri underlines the significance of having a purposeful life and encourages listeners to chase their dreams wholeheartedly.

3. The Siri and Beck Squad:

Introduction of a workout program designed to foster both physical and mental strength through positive energy.

4. Mindset for High Performance:

Flow is redefined as operating from a place of passion and gratitude, rather than stress.

The conversation addresses April’s skepticism about flow, suggesting that high performers can thrive without self-criticism.

5. Facing and Overcoming Challenges:

Siri’s experience with anxiety and overcoming fear by tackling challenges directly, exemplifying the growth that comes from such experiences.

6. The Importance of a Support System:

Discussing the invaluable role of mentors, community, and the PivotMe Academy in providing support and shared learning experiences.

7. The Impact of Reframing:

Siri and April explore the powerful technique of reframing situations for more positive outcomes, which can lead to unprecedented success.

8. Mindset Over Physicality:

Placing greater emphasis on cultivating a powerful mindset as the key to conquering difficult challenges.

9. Self-belief and Self-love:

Siri’s personal story about searching for self-worth and the dangers of seeking external validation, with April highlighting the need to find approval within oneself.

10. Celebrating Achievements:

Acknowledging accomplishments and the danger of being caught in the constant pursuit of the next goal.


April and Siri discuss how real change and improvement in personal and professional life can stem from a place of authenticity and genuine self-compassion.

**Recommended Reading:**

– “The Champion’s Mind” by Jim Afremow: A guide to mental toughness and the psychology of peak performance.

– “Daring Greatly” by Brené Brown: On the power of vulnerability and how it can transform the way we live, love, parent, and lead.

– “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl: A psychiatrist’s memoir of surviving Auschwitz and viewing life’s challenges as opportunities for finding purpose.

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