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Get out of
your own way

Are you feeling stuck, unable to break through the barriers holding you back from achieving your full potential? It’s a common struggle for many business owners who can’t seem to understand why their growth has hit a plateau. The truth is, most don’t realize that they’re the ones putting limitations on their success. But fear not, because I’m here to show you how to shatter those barriers and level up like never before.

You've hit a ceiling in your growth and can't seem to break through

It’s frustrating to put in so much effort and not see the results you expected. You might be holding yourself back without even realizing it. But don’t worry, there’s a way out of this stagnation.

I help you identify the obstacles that are preventing your growth and create a clear roadmap to success. Together, we’ll uncover the strategies and mindset shifts you need to level up and achieve your business goals.

Don’t let self-sabotage hold you back.
Let’s unlock your full potential.

april podcast

About April

“The Business Adviser you’d love to have a beer with”

April Garcia is the Expert with an Edge. By age 19, she had begun her long tenure of entrepreneurship as a real estate investor, had started her first company, and bought a house before legally buying a beer. Later she graduated from numerous leadership academies, climbed the ladder as a top performer in the Financial and Telecom industry, received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, built several businesses and advised both U.S. and international corporations from start-up to billion-dollar businesses.

April is an expert in growing revenue, sales and operations, increasing productivity and helping business owners get out of their own way to enjoy the life they earned. She knows what it takes to scale a business while changing the owner’s story and remove limiting beliefs.

She is a former scientist, passionate adventurer, and has visited over 45 countries leading humanitarian teams (ask her about La Jefa). She has survived cholera, dysentery, rabies treatment, and one military coup- almost two. She has completed triathlons and endurance races despite having Lupus, which can be debilitating. Although she’s a business badass, she is also a loving mother and wife. When she’s not in the boardroom or on the microphone, she can be found in the mountains camping with her family.

Organizations April has worked with

Your growth Journey Simplified



Dial in exactly What you want from your business and your life in 3 years. Not the How, just the What.



Uncover the specific challenges that hold you back from the next level. You’ll be relieved to know how predictable and solvable they are.

step 2


Follow a customized roadmap that gets you to your What, without getting lost in the How

step 3


Put your plan into action, one small step at a time, and your business, life, and network will accelerate.

My3Y: 3-Year Vision of Your Life and Business

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Prioritization: Focus on what truly matters, not just the urgent distractions.Distraction Management: Combat both external and internal distractions for better focus.
Clarity: Know what you truly desire and aim for it.Execution: It's not about doing everything; it's about doing the right things.My3Y Vision: Paint a clear mental picture of where you envision yourself in 3 years.
Foundation: Your mindset is the bedrock. It'll determine how you interpret and react to everything.Self-Sabotage: Recognize it, address it. Learn techniques to stop undercutting your own progress.
Morning Routine: Start your day right; setting the tone early often defines the rest.Momentum: Learn strategies to propel yourself forward. Don't wait for motivation, create it.
Designed Peer Group: Surround yourself with intentional, supportive individuals who are invested in your growth.Network: Forge connections that propel you towards your 3-year vision.Confidence: Have faith in yourself. Believe in your growth and the journey.



PivotMe Academy

Crave a life that truly reflects your ambitions?

In our Mastermind, it’s time to embrace a new definition of success. Our proven framework helps you craft a vision that catapults you towards your goals, bypassing the self-sabotage that often impedes progress. One of the keys to success is surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are on the same journey as you. Our community provides a space for you to connect with high-performing individuals who understand your ambitions and can offer support along the way.

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Embrace a future of limitless growth

In April Garcia’s program, you will:

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A zero B.S. check-in for high-performing professionals, hustling entrepreneurs and anyone who aims high AND makes a difference. Not just a podcast; this is an upgrade for your life. You don’t need an MBA to grow a thriving business, and you don’t need to be an athlete to run a marathon. Whatever your goal is, what you need most is consistent execution. We will get you there.

“April was my business coach and was brilliant at it, she was able to push me just the right amount, enough to challenge me, yet not overwhelm me.”

– Riz Khan, Tech Industry, Sydney, Australia


“My career is really thriving! She taught me how to create my system to help me reach my goals… I feel inspired, uplifted, supported, and equipped.”

– Bethany Bond, Healthcare, Austin, TX


“I was focused on the wrong things and struggling with insecurity and money. Now I have the focus and accountability I need to succeed.”

– Chris Rivera, Real Estate, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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