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Get Rich You Lucky Bit@h, Author Denise Duffield-Thomas

About Our Guest:

Denise Duffield Thomas!  Bestselling author of the books, Lucky Bitch, Get Rich- Lucky Bitch, and her latest book Chill and Prosper.


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On PivotMe today, we talk to Denise Duffield Thomas!  Bestselling author of the books, Lucky Bitch, Get Rich- Lucky Bitch, and her latest book Chill and Prosper. She works with The New Wave of Entrepreneurs that want it all. The money, the freedom, and the Chill. She works with people to release their money blocks, charge premium prices, and own their worth in the marketplace. Her money mindset course has helped thousands of people create financial freedom.

Denise explains how we develop the money mindset, the limiting beliefs that stop us from making more money, and how to overcome and start making the money we deserve. In this episode, we discuss how to overcome impostor syndrome and be self-motivated to go after opportunities that you deserve.

Listen in to learn the importance of putting yourself out there and being persistent to achieve what you’ve set your mind to. You will also learn how to create abundance in your life and be the cycle breaker who doesn’t view money as evil.

Pivotal Questions Asked:

  • [3:30] Can you talk to us about how you got into this type of work?
  • [19:10] Let’s talk about what a money mindset is and where it comes from.
  • [35:54] How did you overcome the personal challenges that would’ve given you the identity that you’re not meant to be a businesswoman?
  • [1:16:08] If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • [8:26] The power of declaration and designing a peer group to influence who you want to become.
  • [19:54] How your deep thoughts and conditioning contribute to the money mindset you develop.
  • [24:56] The money messaging Denise heard growing up and the pushback she received for going against the norm.
  • [31:24] The power of sharing your curiosity and being honest with your mistakes.
  • [42:06] Why do you need to put yourself in the spaces of your dreams as you wait for the money to come.
  • [1:02:02] How to change your language when talking to your kids about dreams and money.
  • [1:08:34] She explains the money archetypes, how they each see money, and her money archetype project.
  • [1:16:12] How to be the cycle breaker by taking care of yourself and creating abundance.


  • “Sometimes the curiosity in yourself is great that being able to share it with others is very powerful.”- Denise [33:33]
  • “You’ve got to meet the universe halfway, and you’ve got to put yourself in the opportunity of it.”-Denise [42:06]

Connect with Denise:


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