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How to Have a High Courage Conversation with Leadership Expert & Author of Master Mentors Scott Miller

About Our Guest:

Scott Miller, multi-bestselling author, radio and podcast host, columnist, and global keynote speaker.

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On the show today, we have Scott Miller. He has a 25-year career with Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s team, in the world’s most respected and influential leadership development firm. Scott fairly recently stepped out on his own and became a multi-bestselling author, radio and podcast host, columnist, and global keynote speaker. He continues to consult with FranklinCovey and today he’s adding value to us Pivoters.

Scott describes the pivotal moment when he decided to transition from a long-standing leadership corporate career during the pandemic to become a solopreneur.

In this episode, we talk about Scott’s book Master Mentors and the qualities of being a nimble and self-aware leader. Listen in to learn how to have high courage conversations as a leader in a way that balances courage and diplomacy.

Pivotal Questions Asked:

  • [2:54] Would you tell the pivoters a little bit about your transition from your long corporate career?
  • [8:45] Do you have any techniques or ways for leaders faced with high courage conversations?
  • [23:37] Let’s talk about your book Master Mentors and who it’s for?
  • [27:34] If a pivoter’s listening right now and they’re 45 years old, business owner, have had some success under their belt, and know they’re ready for some more change but not exactly sure what that step is, what’s the story they’ve got to read?
  • [33:19] What is something you’ve noticed in the mentors that you’re speaking to, or maybe something you’ve done that you feel is self-sabotage?
  • [47:20] If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • [7:16] How to be a leader who recruits and retains quality talent and who has the ability to facilitate high courage conversations.
  • [8:53] Techniques on how to have high courage conversations in a way that balances courage and diplomacy.
  • [14:23] How to be self-aware and create a better working environment by asking for honest feedback from your team members.
  • [21:32] The qualities of a nimble leader who knows their strengths and weaknesses.
  • [27:53] How to gauge your fears, their legitimacy, and how quickly you can sort them out to move to the next thing.
  • [33:34] Minimize self-sabotaging by being vulnerable and realizing you don’t know it all.
  • [47:25] The power of being kinder and pre-forgiving others.


  • I think failure is probably the biggest teacher in life, and I’m not afraid of people watching me fail.”– Scott [5:21]
  • “The two top jobs of a leader are to recruit and retain quality talent; talent that is noticeably palpably better than your own.”– Scott [7:31]
  • “Give redirecting feedback and reinforcing feedback; all your feedback cannot be critical.”– Scott [9:57]
  • “You have to be a light, not a judge; be a model, not a critic.”– Scott [18:58]
  • “Most people don’t fear failure; they fear having other people seeing them fail.”– Scott [28:41]

Books Mentioned:

  • Multipliers by Liz Wiseman
  • Disrupt Yourself by Whitney Johnson
  • Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey
  • How Will You Measure Your Life? by Karen Dillon

Connect with Scott:

How to Get 3x the work done, in less hours a day.



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